Carroll’s offer two fully compliant MPI Approved Transitional warehouses for packing and unpacking of import, export and domestic containers.

Companies use Carroll’s Devanning and Container Loading services to reduce and mitigate costs, meet MPI and other government regulations, and for peace of mind.


Container Unloading & Devanning

  1. Loose product devanning, palletising and stock sorting.
  2. Push-Pull slip sheet container devanning.
  3. Specialist container devanning and handling of steel and machinery.
  4. MPI compliant warehouse premises.
  5. Experienced staff with specialist equipment gets the job done efficiently and safely.

Devanning and Warehousing for Steel, Building, Machinery, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Furniture, Leisure, Electronics, Clothing, Hardware, Oils, Plumbing, Electrical, Packaging, and Consumer Goods.

Carroll’s modern fleet of Container Trucks can collect your container from the port of entry, bring it to our transitional facility and unload the containers and palletise as required. These goods can be warehoused or delivered as needed. We also offer reworking and order fulfilment as well as long and short-term storage of containers.

Carroll’s provide efficiencies through specialised equipment, including heavy-duty forklifts, large container compatible forklifts, dedicated and trained staff, and over 50 years of expertise.


Cross Docking

Ideal for handling loose products, steel products and machinery. Goods are devanned from containers and distributed immediately, with little or no storage.  Benefit by relieving congestion within your own premises, eliminate your need for MPI compliance, and reduce your health and safety exposure.

Flexible Contract

We offer flexible contract warehousing, so you only pay for what you store. Put your working capital into other areas, reduce your overheads, and take advantage of the economies of scale that Carroll’s warehousing service provides.


Goods & Order Handling

Outwards order processing, pick, pack and dispatch. You benefit from our experienced long-term team and proven processes including barcode RF wireless barcode scanning providing a 99.6% accuracy.


Warehousing & Distribution

We are warehousing and distribution specialists for e-commerce order fulfilment, consumer goods, fragile furniture products, whiteware, brown ware, steel, machinery, food and beverage, pharmaceutical products and building products.

Nationwide Freight

We deliver throughout NZ using using road, rail, sea and air freight. 

Reverse Logistics

Our services include returned order handling and management. We can test and assess returned product, report, and re-export or dispose.

Value Added Services

Our bespoke logistics services include assembly, rework, labelling or repacking. 



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