Carroll's bespoke 3PL service gives your significant cost benefits with flexibility and scalability. We specialise in small items with high volume pick, pack, and delivery fulfilment.



pallet spaces available now

Suitable for: Grocery Items, Consumer Items, Courier Size Orders, Nationwide Delivery. High volume B2B/B2C

* 100 pallet minimum inventory


pallet spaces available now

Suitable for: Industrial Items, Consumer Items, Courier Size Orders, Nationwide Delivery. Bulk pallet in/pallet out clients.

* 100 pallet minimum inventory

Flexible Third Party Logistics 

React faster than your competitors.

Whether you need delivery at rush hour or the crack of dawn, Carroll's 3PL fulfilment makes sure your products are with your customers at precisely the right time.

Our delivery methods aren't restricted either. If you need product delivered in a van, on a truck or with a crane, we'll manage the whole process from woe to go.

  1. Real-time business insight into orders and inventory.
  2. Real-time order and shipping updates for customers.
  3. Fast local and national shipping.
  4. Robust data security to protect customer information.
  5. Two fulfilment centres and nationwide partnerships.
  6. A big trucking fleet to deliver everything from a small
    box to coils of steel.

3PL for Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Building Materials, Electronics, Clothing, Hardware, Steel, Oils, Plumbing, Electrical, Packaging, Consumer Goods

Bespoke Services

  1. ‘White glove’ services including onsite assembly.
  2. High SKU volumes from 500 to 25,000 + picks per month.
  3. Batch matching.
  4. Reworking and packaging services.
  5. Flexible rack and shelf configurations.
  6. High level of inventory visibility and tracking.
  7. Reverse logistics management of returned orders including testing, assessment, reporting and disposal.

With Carroll’s, your goods will get from our warehouses to where they need to be – on time, every time.


Scalable 3PL

Rapidly scale up or down to meet demand. Businesses with seasonal periods no longer need to stress over industry fluctuations. Carroll’s gives you the ability to scale storage, labour and transportation according to your needs. So - if you are experiencing growth you can scale your resource immediately.


Save money on warehousing, additional labour-hire, transport and technology with Carroll’s. When you partner with us, you mitigate costs, while simultaneously freeing up more time to focus on your core business.

  1. Barcode RF scanning providing 99.6% order accuracy.
  2. Scan Pack Automation
  3. Full EDI (electronic data interchange)
  4. Full time in-house IT support
  5. KPI reporting
  6. Track and trace services

Benefits of 3PL

Our investment in state of the art warehousing, people, technology, and equipment provides a cost-effective, accurate and professional logistics service advantage to customers.

We help businesses control costs, reduce risks, and enable greater flexibility. Businesses can benefit by reacting swiftly to changes in market conditions and product demand, as well as enjoy greater visibility and real-time 24/7 information through our proprietary Warehouse Management System EDI integration.

  1. Eliminate compliance and other costs of running your  own warehouse - including health and safety, ACC costs, MPI compliance, headcount reduction and labour costs.
  2. Benefit from warehousing flexibily so you can expand and contract with seasonal and business demand. 
  3. Save from an activity-based cost model - no activity,
    no charge.
  4. Benefit from better use of working capital and eliminate fixed-term leases.
  5. Enjoy economies of scale as Carroll's investment and infrastructure is utilised over many clients.
  6. Get real-time visibility with status reporting of sales activity and stock movements.
  7. Easily track your overheads and costs.


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